The XMLRPC WordPress API exports only the “raw” content of your WordPress posts. In other words, the text content that you see in your WordPress admin panel will be exported via the WordPress API without any additional processing.

Compared to XMLRPC, your WordPress theme and installed plugins apply filters that replace shortcode with the actual intended content. The WordPress feeds render shortcode as well, but don’t include featured images.

There are several ways to include shortcode for the posts displayed on your mobile web application:

1) Enabling Atom or RSS2 feeds

If your feeds contain the full posts, we will combine the post’s metadata (read from the XMLRPC endpoint) with the content from the feeds. This method will allow access to all types of shortcode, it doesn’t matter if you are using default WordPress shortcode or a special plugin.

Please note that forms and iframes besides YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion and SoundCloud are not currently supported and will be hidden in the mobile web application.

2) Use built-in Wordpress shortcode

Appticles includes support for some predefined shortcode types:

  • [caption] and [gallery] are fully supported
  • YouTube code is supported via the [youtube] or [’embed’] shorcodes. Ex.: [youtube url=””] or [’embed’][/’embed’]
  • We will add support for Vimeo, Daily Motion, [video] and [audio] shortcode.

We are also working on adding shortcodes support for pages. Our roadmap also includes integrating with the REST API.

If your posts contain [caption], [gallery] or YouTube shortcode that doesn’t display properly, please let us know so we can correct it.