We’re excited to announce that the highly-anticipated Appticles Dashboard is now available to all users! Only 3 weeks after our WordPress Mobile Pack major release, with thousands of bloggers/publishers on our waiting list, YOU can now access the Dashboard simply by logging in to your Appticles account.


The New Dashboard
is designed around 4 main pillars that are basically the foundation of your mobile/tablet web applications:

  1. Manage This is the area where you can choose from a selection of themes, play with different colors schemes & fonts and add your logo and app icon. You can also integrate with different content sources such as Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. 
  2. Distribute Using the mobile switcher script that goes in the <head> of your website, readers that reach your blog from a mobile device are invited to check out the mobile web application you got in place for them. That’s instant distribution!
  3. Monetize Monetizing the mobile web apps can be achieved either through full screen ads, paid subscriptions or social micropayments. Whatever you choose as your monetization model, you can be sure that all the money goes directly in your pocket. There’s no shared revenue constraints.
  4. Analytics

    Get to know your mobile readers and analyze your impact with our powerful yet simple reader-centric analytics. Forget about page views and concentrate on what’s key to your business: the reader.

Application Quality

We have included a ranking system that will track your mobile/tablet web application quality. This is how it works:

  • Upon creation, your application gets 1 star;
  • It gets an extra star if you add your application’s icon and logo;
  • Add at least one content source and it gets you another star; 
  • Add your custom domain name. That’s how you get your 4th star;
  • Add the mobile switcher script (inviting your mobile readers to your web application) and win the 5th star.

Support Area

We’ve put together a Support Area where you can send over your feedback, suggestions or ask for help and it shall be given. At the moment we have included Frequently Asked Questions (both for Dashboardand Mobile Web Applications) and Resources to get you started, but more will be added soon.