1. Login to your DoubleClick for Publishers account fromhttps://www.google.com/doubleclick/publishers/welcome/1 (1)
    2. Navigate to Inventory > Ad units and click on “New ad unit” to create a dedicated ad for your mobile web application.2
    3. Fill in the form by entering the Code and Name and leave the rest of the fields empty.3
    4. Under the “AdSense inventory settings” click on “override” to display Google AdSense settings.
    5. Make sure you check “Maximize revenue of unsold and remnant inventory with AdSense” to enable Google AdSense.4
    6. Select “Image” as the Ad type and leave the default settings for the color palette. Click “Save” and you should see the newly created ad in the next screen.
    7. Navigate to “Generate tags” from the left hand side menu and select the ad unit that you’ve just created by clicking on “include” blue link/button.5
    8. Click “Generate tags” button below the form. You’ll be presented with two codes: one for the document header and one for the body. Locate the Network Code and Ad Unit Code and copy-paste it into the Appticles dashboard.6
    9. Once the codes have been entered in the Appticles dashboard (“Monetize” area), click “Save” and you’re ready to go. Your ads should be displayed in your mobile web application right away. In case you experience delays in serving ads into your apps, that’s probably due to Google AdSense or DoubleClick for Publishers. Allow it 15 minutes and try it again.
    10. Notice that you have the possibility to go through the entire process of creating a specific tablet ad unit. However, the easiest way would be to simply duplicate what you have on the “Ads for Smartphones” section.


Troubleshooting – Common Display Problems

If you wish to preview the ads that will appear on your mobile web application, please view it from a smartphone or a tablet. The ads are being displayed throughout your content, so you just need to swipe 4-5 times to get a full screen ad or navigate inside an article to view a classic advertisement. There is aminimum interval of 30 seconds between loading ads, so not all the articles will include ads while you navigate through the application.

Sometimes ads will not show even though you have edited the settings from the Appticles.com dashboard.There is no processing involved at the mobile web application level, meaning that, in those cases, Google DFP is not loading anything. There are various reasons for this issue:

1) Even if the Network Code and Ad Unit are correct, there is a delay before Google AdSense / DFP starts serving the ads. This time interval ranges from a few minutes to a few hours.

2) If a few hours have already passed and you still don’t see any ads in the mobile web application, is time to check your AdSense / DFP settings. Make sure you have not excluded mobile from your targeting and that you haven’t limited ads to sizes that are not added in the Appticles.com dashboard. You can debug by starting with minimal, basic settings, check if ads are displaying, then move on to more complex targeting.

Let us know if you experience any issue with ad settings and we’ll be glad to help.